Cold Weather Wear – Sizzlin’ HOT Prices!

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So I’ve recently discovered a sweet type of discount shopping – Resale/Consignment stores.  I know they’ve been around for years, but I find so many great bargains at my usual haunts that I’ve never felt a need to venture too far outside the familiar mall walls.

My friend Tamra, of Tamra Fairbrother & Associates, told me about an upscale resale shop in Dallas called “Clotheshorse Anonymous”.  Since I’m not into couture pricing, I was content on just making a research trip to check out the store.  I parked toward the back of the Preston Forest shopping center and entered what I thought was a very small space.  Come to find out I had walked into “Etcetera”, the $50.00/under sale section of Clotheshorse. :)  Woo Hoo!  LOVE it when that happens…and on a Sidewalk Sale day, too!

I promise I wasn’t expecting anything, but when I saw the XL tag on this gorgeous Nine West coat, I thought I should at least humor myself and try it on.  OMG, only $15.00 AND it fits?! Giggling with excitement, I poked through my size and found a pair of black satin pants and a bronze drawstring pant for only $5.00 each – and get this, the money went directly to charities supported by Clotheshorse Anonymous!  How amazing is that?! 🙂

A couple of weeks later, I cruised through the main storefront and saw this hat during a 25% off special.  Yes indeed, this newsboy cap is also a Nine West and is made from basically the same material as my awesome coat!  Unbelievable.

Sunday was certainly the day to break out my new “2-piece” to attend a Survivor Sisters event in North Texas.  Aah Baby, it’s cold outside…but this cozy combo keeps me warm and fuzzy from head to toe. 🙂

Have you been Resale/Consignment shopping?



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