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Seriously, a DRAGGING pant hem?!

As a woman in business, I network in many circles, especially with other women in different communities.  I’ve seen fashion ranging from the good, the bad and the questionable, but when I see this I have to ask myself:  beside the fact that it’s a potential hazard, does she realize how this makes her look from a business perspective?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a long leg line.  Trust me – I’m a whole 5 feet tall and even the “Petite” length is several inches past my toes. :)  But this is just sloppy and, honestly, makes it look like she’s too lazy to go to her local tailor for a $10.00 hem job.  So what does your appearance say about you?

Research shows 60-90% of communication is non-verbal.  This includes eye contact, haptics (touch), body language and what we wear.  Remember the phrase, “Looks aren’t everything”?  Well, there might actually be more to that statement when it comes to dressing the part.

I totally get the cute jeans and flat sandals trend, with the intentional fraying of a hem line.  And if that’s what you’re selling, fantastic!  However, whether you are visiting an office environment to call on a client, or meeting a colleague for lunch, think about their first impression before you choose your wardrobe.  Will your pant hem communicate “mess” or “success”? 🙂

If you’d rather D-I-Y this project, a variety of snaps and bonding seam tapes are available in the fabric stores.  What others have you tried?



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