There’s No Place Like Home…

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This post is dedicated to:  sweet Cheryl, networking “Realtor with the Red Shoes” and my “Sister with the Sparkle”, Mrs. Mishe, California party pal and educational leader.

Ah, Dorothy…a girl after my own shoe closet.  When she wasn’t scampering down the yellow brick road, I like to think she was indulging in a scrumptious sushi lunch and taking Toto shopping at her local Nordies Rack!  Oh well, since she’s too busy being a still shot on my fabulous Wizard of Oz T-shirt, I guess I’ll suffer through it. :)  Are these T’s not the cutest ever?!  For only $5.00 each at a Macy’s clearance sale, I just couldn’t pass them up.  Normally I wouldn’t wear something this clingy, but layering a snug crimson red tank top underneath made my back appear a little more, um, easy on the eyes. :)  Hey, the original Spaghetti Strap Spanx!

Without knowing the Texas wind was going to blow a bit more like a Kansas tornado, I wore this flirty black Max Studio skirt – loving the ruffle detail at the hem – to enjoy the warmer weather.  Sorry, Mr. Scarecrow:  Marshalls @ $10.00 = No Brainer. 🙂

Let’s not forget the real reason we’re all here – peep toes, and wedges, and pumps, OH MY!  The type of slip-on sandal I’m wearing is simply a “must have” for any lady’s wardrobe.  Visit the clearance section of a DSW store and look at the colored stickers for additional discounts!  Need a different size?  Ask the folks at the counter to research on their register, and if they find it, they’ll ship it to you for FREE with an extra coupon inside!  You can always return them to a local DSW store, if they’re not quite the Ruby Slippers you had in mind.  It’s that easy!

If you’re like my girlfriends, Cheryl and Mishe, you too have a favorite pair of heels you love to click.  Please share with me, my Pretties! 🙂



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  1. Cheryl Webb....The Realtor with RED SHOES!!!!! Says:

    OH YES….love the red shoes AND the cute T’s AND YOU of course!!!! I’m honored to be mentioned on!
    P.S. I’m on the lookout for a pair of yellow box “RED” flip flops for the summer…size 7-8….let me know if you spy any!!!!

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