Ain’t Scared of Stripes!

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I totally understand:   Stripes can make us look short.

Newsflash – at 5 feet tall, I AM short! 🙂

Doesn’t matter to me, STRIPES ROCK!  When I saw these adorable dresses, the colors are what caught my eye.  They both screamed “Girlie” (pink/gray I.N.C.) and “Fun” (multi Old Navy), so with each barely being out of the single digits, how could I say no?!  Simple black Walmart accessories were the warmer additions, while the hot pink “Team Naughty” 🙂 holiday pin on my beanie, well that just made me giggle…

As if you couldn’t tell already, I’ve always been a fashion rebel.  What other styles or patterns do you love, but are considered no-no’s by the Style Gods?



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