Dreaming of a Nice Christmas

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Another crazy, wonderful evening with the Society of Women Who LOVE Shoes…and Fashion!  The gifts poured inside as much as the rain outside, and everyone was warmed with fabulous appetizers and cocktails served by the awesome folks at Social 121.  I totally recommend their Crab Cakes – super scrumptious! 🙂

I knew the club would be toasty, so I went with this light black satin and lace dress (a fab $15.00 Macy’s clearance buy) to keep cool at registration.  My Target hairband actually matched the dress so I just glued on a ribbon/feathers/rhinestone accessory from Jo-Ann’s (who can go wrong with their 40% off coupon?!).  The Husband wore his “new” navy blue pinstripe vest that I found at Goodwill for $2.99. 🙂 He’s really diggin’ this look right now, and I have to say, so am I!

Between this and the Hotel ZAZA event, SWWLS collected:
*209 pairs of shoes
*10 coats and hats
*99 toys for the children!

Many families will no longer have to dream of a special Christmas – this year, it’s their reality.  THANK YOU to the generous hearts of our contributors and to the volunteer Dream Team that makes it happen!



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