Jean Paul Gaultier

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You know I’m so Naute one to throw around couture names, but I just have to gush over Jean Paul Gaultier!  The Husband took me to JPG’s exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art this past weekend, and OMG, it didn’t disappoint. 🙂

JPG’s designs are all very unique and costume-like, which is what really attracts me.  One of my favorite collections was “Punk Can Can”, a line with a lot of black, plaid, jean, fishnets, boots, and mohawks, of course. 🙂 His famous Cone Bra (which Madonna wore during her Blonde Ambition tour), along with several boudoir-themed corsets and dresses were lavishly on display next to what I playfully call the “S & M” section:  lots of leather, synthetic hair, clips and other metal accessories.  Still trying to catch my breath from everything in this incredible exhibit!

The Husband certainly looked handsome in his dark rust poplin shirt (only $12.97 at Walmart) and this very fab vest find at Goodwill for only $1.50! 🙂 It’s navy blue with the same rust color stitched throughout.  I found my Vera Wang skirt and jacket combo at Kohls during a post-season clearance sale for around $25.00.  Not bad considering it also came with this cool pin made from layers of black sheer material.  Super Sassy!

When was the last time you attended an art show made of fine fashions?



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