About Mona

Author: msmona

MonaFrom being a stage-loving kid to a successful woman entrepreneur, Mona Nicolas-Stegall has always been happy being “different”, enjoying the challenge of customizing style to fit the person. Growing up a dancer and the child of a sewer, Mona would collaborate with her Mom to create gorgeous costumes and one-of-a-kind clothing for both events and everyday wear.

Mona’s love affair with fashion grew while working retail during her college years. She was rewarded as a top seller and was the ultimate “Secret Shopper” for her Southern California store. One day, she was approached to customize a possible clothing line, however at the time, the opportunity would have to take a back seat to her education.

While working in customer service, sales, and as an Executive Assistant for two major financial corporations, Mona continued to design her own style through deep discounts – whether it was menswear with Dad’s old 3-piece suit and a lace cami, or cruising through the clearance rack for her favorite black palazzo pants, Mona found the fine line between her corporate and creative self.

Today, this 5-foot dynamo understands the importance of being “unique” in our crazy world. With her work experience, Mona educates companies, especially women in business, on that fine line and how to keep a positive office environment. In addition to individual styling, she also offers Shopping Education Excursions to her favorite discount stores around Dallas/Ft. Worth – this allows her clients to engage in some of their favorite “Girl Time” with Mona there to offer her fashion and style expertise.