Fashion Forward: Marlene Dreyer

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Name:  Marlene Dreyer

Title:   Owner, “Past Treasurers”

MM:  What was your inspiration in creating these beautiful accessories?
MD:  “I love to create and design new things that I know people will love.”

MM:  How do you market your brand?
MD:  “I mainly sell my items by wearing them.  I will also be doing a boutique show with several other gals this fall.”

MM:  When you’re not hard at work, what would we find Marlene doing?
MD:  “My husband and I are active in our senior group at church and we take many travel trips with our group as well as serve in the community.  We especially enjoy our 7 grandchildren and interact with them.”

MM:  If you could have any “job” in the world, what would it be? 🙂
MD:  “I feel I already have the most perfect job in the world spending time with our grandchildren and being of service to others.”

MM:  What Nugget of Fashion Wisdom could you share with MsMona’s fans?
MD:  “Our God Reigns.”


Fashion Forward: Deidra “Dee Dee” Roe

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Name:  Deidra “Dee Dee” Roe

Title:   Owner, “Dee Dee Style” on

MM:  What was your inspiration in creating Dee Dee Style?
DR:  “I was inspired by a photo of a vintage glass button in the January 2010 issue of a Swedish home decor magazine, Jean d’Arc Living.  They used it to decorate a candlestick.  I thought to myself “Oh that is way too pretty to just put on a shelf for a random person to admire, it needs to be worn out in the world for many to see & enjoy!”

MM:  What made you choose Etsy to showcase your brand?
DR:  “Cheap & Easy!!”

MM:  Between all of your beautiful designs, what is your favorite thing to make, and why?
DR:  “Probably my tees.  They take me back to my childhood, when I would play fashion designer & boutique in my room.  It is a thrill to know that it is a reality today and brings a lot of joy to my heart and makes me smile.”

MM:  Who do you look to as your fashion/style icon?
DR:  “Wow, that is a tough one – there are so many.  I would have to say there are two:  Jackie O and Ralph Lauren.  Jackie had such grace and class.  I have always loved Ralph’s designs and his layering effects – always classic.”

MM:  When you’re not in your studio, where can we find Ms. Deidra?
DR:  “A few places – on the couch watching TV or reading, out on the road running or at a flea market/garage sale!”

MM:  What do you want to be when you grow up? 🙂
DR:  “Free, simply free to be me.”

MM:  What Nugget of Fashion Wisdom could you share with MsMona’s fans?
DR:  “To create a fashion journal; fill a notebook with magazine, catalog cutouts of all of the outfits you like, this will help you to define your own fashion taste/style.  It is critical in fashion to know who you are to the depth of your core.  Fashion is simply an expression of an individual – so be you!”


Fashion Forward: Vicente “Vinnie” Tames

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Name:  Vicente “Vinnie” Tames

Title:   Asst. Manager, “Half of Half Name Brand Clothing” in Richardson, TX.

MM:  What is the meaning behind the store’s name?
VT:  “Half of Half is from the price cut we give with all new merchandise, basically 75% off the original price.  Examples of our brand name clothing include Ann Taylor, Ralph Lauren/Polo and White House Black Market.”

MM:  How does the store work?
VT:  “We have a buyer who purchases clothing, shoes and housewares for the company.  We are closed on Tuesdays and Sundays, except for when we have a special sale day.  Color tickets are to show what items are discounted and what’s new in the store.”

MM:  What is your favorite part about working at Half of Half, besides the fabulous discounts?
VT:  “It’s the customers.  They make it fun and personal!  I love helping them put outfits together.”

MM:  How did you come to the world of fashion?
VT:  “Well, going to school I came into the world of retail, starting back at Montgomery Wards. I like it a lot!”

MM:  What do you want to be when you grow up? 🙂
VT:  “A Fashion Guru!  Haha!

MM:  What Nugget of Fashion Wisdom could you share with MsMona’s fans?
VT:  “Well Kids, Spring is here . . . Color Color Color!  Don’t over match colors – play with them!  And remember to sign up online for a $5.00 coupon to our stores.  Can’t wait to see you!”


Welcome to a New Year – and!

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Happy New Year from beautiful Dallas, Texas and welcome to, a blog with tips and tricks to discount shopping for the so NAUTE couture. 🙂

Now, let me preface this by saying I am absolutely not against couture shopping – some of my favorite stores carry the most gorgeous name brand pieces.  However, not everyone can afford boutique, or even some department store, pricing.  If it’s in your budget this year, fabulous!  If not, don’t worry – stick with me and you’ll look just as amazing!

Let’s start 2011 off right with a hearty “Congratulations” to our great city.  Check out this link:  Forbes names Dallas #2 in their list of Best U.S. Shopping Cities!

Rock on, Sisters! 🙂