Fashion Forward: Deidra “Dee Dee” Roe

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Name:  Deidra “Dee Dee” Roe

Title:   Owner, “Dee Dee Style” on

MM:  What was your inspiration in creating Dee Dee Style?
DR:  “I was inspired by a photo of a vintage glass button in the January 2010 issue of a Swedish home decor magazine, Jean d’Arc Living.  They used it to decorate a candlestick.  I thought to myself “Oh that is way too pretty to just put on a shelf for a random person to admire, it needs to be worn out in the world for many to see & enjoy!”

MM:  What made you choose Etsy to showcase your brand?
DR:  “Cheap & Easy!!”

MM:  Between all of your beautiful designs, what is your favorite thing to make, and why?
DR:  “Probably my tees.  They take me back to my childhood, when I would play fashion designer & boutique in my room.  It is a thrill to know that it is a reality today and brings a lot of joy to my heart and makes me smile.”

MM:  Who do you look to as your fashion/style icon?
DR:  “Wow, that is a tough one – there are so many.  I would have to say there are two:  Jackie O and Ralph Lauren.  Jackie had such grace and class.  I have always loved Ralph’s designs and his layering effects – always classic.”

MM:  When you’re not in your studio, where can we find Ms. Deidra?
DR:  “A few places – on the couch watching TV or reading, out on the road running or at a flea market/garage sale!”

MM:  What do you want to be when you grow up? 🙂
DR:  “Free, simply free to be me.”

MM:  What Nugget of Fashion Wisdom could you share with MsMona’s fans?
DR:  “To create a fashion journal; fill a notebook with magazine, catalog cutouts of all of the outfits you like, this will help you to define your own fashion taste/style.  It is critical in fashion to know who you are to the depth of your core.  Fashion is simply an expression of an individual – so be you!”


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