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What is it with women who refuse to wear, or even try on, different sizes?  I’ve worn each one listed above and still have a healthy relationship with my closet!  *SIGH*

While statistics show the average woman is a size 14, we’re bombarded daily with images of magazine models and store mannequins wearing what I haven’t seen since elementary school.  Could that be the reason some stick with specific fashion lines, to keep within their comfort zone?  Is that why racks are passed by, to avoid looking at a larger size than what they’re used to buying?  Hmm…

I believe it may be more about Attitude than what the tag says.  Not only does sizing vary between manufacturers, but also the way each piece is measured and stitched together.  And don’t EVEN get me started on finding the wrong size tag clipped to the incorrect item.  Ugh!  So, if you’ve fallen in love with that adorable, slightly snug size 12 summer dress, keep trying until you’ve found the one that fits most comfortably and fulfills its purpose – business professional or casually chic.  No fear, no worries! 🙂

Most importantly, see the Doc and be the healthiest woman you are meant to be!  Know you are amazing and beautiful in whatever size you choose to wear. 🙂



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