Zippin’ Around Town

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This week I attended a wonderful evening of networking with the RCC’s Women in Leadership!  It was great meeting new faces and getting to know my fellow committee members in such a whimsical atmosphere – Beyond the Door was a terrific host, providing enough food and wine to keep our hungry shoppers satisfied. 🙂

80’s Glam Rock is another one of my favorite fashion eras, so when I found this cooool INC drop waist zipper dress at 1/2 of 1/2, I danced in the aisle!  I remember seeing it on a Macy’s clearance rack, but this deal was literally pennies in comparison. :)  With my black studded Steve Madden Luxe sandals securely zipped to my feet, I was ready to play the night away!

Where was the last time you met the Girls for a little networking time?



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