Lookin’ Like A Superhero

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I’ve always loved a fab jumpsuit – makes me feel like a Superhero!  Or, maybe a super cute mechanic? :)  Anyway, they are not easy for me to find the right fit, so when I tried on this clearance find, I knew it was going home with me!

The $8 Store ($8.88) has some amazing deals!  Items get discounted an additional $2-$4, which is where I was lucky enough to score this gun metal gray one piece. :)  The first stop I made after this purchase was my tailor’s to hem the bottom and cinch the waistline.  As a size 16, it’s big enough to fit my broad shoulders, but the rest had to be pulled in a bit.  Once I add the corset design stretch belt, I’m ready to Fight for Fashion!  Or, change the oil on my husband’s scooter…

What Superhero do you mirror most?



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