Metal Mania!

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I admit it – I’m a total 80’s Girl! :)  I used to wear those tight jean shorts covered with distressed holes (strategically placed, of course), neon tie-dyed T’s, and inconceivably coiffed hair, courtesy of my highly toxic can of Aqua Net.  But one of my favorite embellishments was metal!

When I saw this leopard printed mini skirt for $9.00, as well as the black International Concepts shirt, I immediately loved the blend of old school metal with the current style.  I had originally seen the INC shirt at Macy’s for around $70.00, so finding both of these deals at 1/2 of 1/2 just made complete $en$e. 🙂

I wore the skirt to a Christian Women’s meeting and the shirt to a North Texas Chamber event.  If you had a few rad metal pieces in your wardrobe, OMG, where would you wear them?



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