Fabulous BOOT Find!

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Does MsMona LOVE boots?  Absolutely!  But what’s a girl with dancer calves to do when all the cutie pie footwear are made for teeny tiny (aka “average”) legs?!  Try ’em on anyway, because you never know! 🙂

So, I first glanced over these amazing Steve Madden boots at Ross.  I really liked the gray/black distressed combination with the royal blue zipper – super unique!  When I saw a similar version at Macy’s, sans buckle at the bottom, I couldn’t believe the difference in price.  That was it, I was Ross bound once again!  But would they zip up?  Yeah Baby!  Oh, and the brown/red zipper combo fit just fine, too…

How does that saying go?  If the BOOT fits…buy it in every color! 🙂

By the way, just call me “Cookie Monster” – this sweet I.N.C. faux fur was a clearance buy at Macy’s.  Remember to take advantage of those “Extra $10 off” opportunities by signing up for online newsletters and special ads!



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